Intermedia Final Reflection.

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This semester in Intermedia, I was able to experience and learn things I never had before. Although I wish I could’ve gotten more hands on with certain resources like Isadora, I was still able to gain some knowledge about different aspects of Intermedia and how different elements of it can add to a performance.

Our third and final assignment was the most fun I had during the course of the semester. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the project was that it was, in my opinion, our most collaborative. Coming up with the idea of “Intermedia Prom” was a result of all of us sitting around and sharing which elements of the class we liked the most. After exchanging different ideas, we decided on a concept and got straight to work in the next day in our lab session.

With the help of Jess and Oded, we were able to put together several amazing pieces like the kaleidoscope projection and the couples picture projections that were being projected in real time which really added something special to our project. My favorite element was the kaleidoscope visualizer. I was responsible for making the playlist for the prom, so it was really exciting to see how the kaleidoscope changed as the different music I selected was playing.

This class has changed my perception of intermedia and showed me that it not just one element or concept, but it is multiple elements and ideas that come together to make a cohesive work. It has also made me realized that intermedia can be inclusive, but not always interactive and that it is important to have an open mind when experiencing both aspects.


Successes in Comp Class.

Accomplishments Thus Far

When looking back on the past few weeks of the semester and thinking about my biggest accomplishments, I first think of my floor phrase study. In that stud I focused on not only moving across the floor, but also on incorporating full bodied movement into my choreography. Initially this seemed like a challenging concept, however it proved less of a challenge than anticipated.
When approaching a movement study, I tend to not know where to start. At the time the floor phrase study was assigned, I injured my back, but did not know how which made it difficult for me to remedy the injury quickly. Having limited mobility disoriented me greatly and the thought of choreographing a floor phrase intimidated me. Generally, I tend to overthink when choreographing, but for some reason coming up with material for the floor study came more easily than usual. I decided to let my body do what it felt the most comfortable doing while still remaining aware of my injury. Because of this method I found myself moving in and out of the floor with greater ease than anticipated and even more so when I recovered from my injury. As result, my floor phrase developed as one of my most successful studies. Continue reading Successes in Comp Class.

Non- Dance Analysis Assignment.

Let’s Get Physical

            For my non-dance observation activity, I observed people working out at the gym. I focused on analyzing the effort of the different workouts people were doing and connecting them with what we have been learning in class. This helped me to further analyze my movements when I am working out and how they apply to the different effort qualities of Laban Movement Analysis.

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About a week ago in my seminar class, the thirty-three of us were spilt into two groups and given an assignment to teach the other group.

The assignment was to teach a dance class at a beginning or intermediate level. There were about fifteen people in my group and each of us, along with a partner were put in charge of teaching different stages of the class.

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Exploring Garage Band.

I’ve always had a great love and appreciation for music. Before I ever started dancing, I was a singer, so my relationship with music somewhat indescribable. I love that music has the ability to make people feel so many different emotions and inspire so many different things. When it comes to my dancing, one of the things that inspires me to move the most is music. It has such a powerful way of affecting people. The right music is the difference between feeling bored or feeling alive, and I was excited to experiment with different aspects of sounds scoring while working on this project.

I was in a really dark mood when I was creating my sound score. I’m not sure why, but it definitely translates into my project. When creating this, I wasn’t even thinking of the project in a dance context; I had a movie concept in mind. I was thinking of something along the lines of a Black Swan sequel and kind of just let the sounds take me where I wanted to go.

I can definitely see myself using GarageBand in the future, whether it’s for making a sound score for a dance or of just exploring with making my own music.

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